005 - Planning a trip down memorylane

Saw this guy in my bookshelf today. Looks like he's planning another trip. I hope he knows this is a fictional map. I mean, it is fictional, isn't it?

I like his intended destination though, I'm planning to go there myself again sometime soon. The first time I saw this series it sucked me right in. Even more than TNG. I have 'm all on DVD, great series indeed. Now if I only had the time!


004 - Batshark


Batman went undercover, looking for surfing smugglers in the night...


003 - Icy climb

It was a beautiful, cold, winter morning today. I was walking in the backyard and noticed something in our small pond. There was some ice sticking out of the pond and I when I looked closer I saw a small little lady doing her best to get to the top.


Kinda reminded me of my wife, as you might know she's a genuine mountaineer :) About two years ago she took me to an iceclimbing-clinic. It was really... really hard! And not even that high of a climb o be honest. So I know how this little lady must be feeling now. But, she's almost there... almost on the top, and still smiling.



002 - Lonely


Being with my family makes me, in some way, one of the lucky ones.
There are so many terribly lonely people, more than we know.


001 - A lovely day


Another year has gone by, another year has started. A day like any other day, but it does feel different. Every year it feels like the possibility for a new start... or at least of opportunities. A whole new year to get everything right, or at least into the right direction.
The year started good. A nice and quiet  day surrounded by family. Simply a day to remind ourselves how lucky we actually are. Still... some things need to improve, and 2017 will be a good year!

Wishing you all amazing 2o17!