lego woman walking the dog with sunglasses in spring

Spring is in the air

Lego spring walk nature dogMy favorite time of the year: spring!

lego man loving a woman painting after death

Together again

lego man loving a woman painting after death

For the third time in three years I lost someone very close to me.
My only consolation is that he's finally reunited with his wife.

You will be missed my friend.

lego cat chasing a bird in the snow

Cold Cat

lego cat chasing a bird in the snow

'Tiger' the cat is on the hunt again...

Dwaas lego frankenstein standing in the dark with a hat

Foolish Heisenberg

Dwaas lego frankenstein standing in the dark with a hat

Dwaas is performing his 'Heisenberg' impression (For reference: Breaking Bad ;) ). He loves to play with the lights.

This picture might not seem like a lot, but it is actually sort of a break-through image for me! The reason for this is that this picture didn't need any post-processing whatsoever! I never succeeded in this before for dark images like this. Partially thanks to the great lighting-equipment by the people of Brickstuff, I finally succeeded! Yay. As I said, It may not be much to many readers, but I'm really happy. The fewer post-processing, the better! More on this image via the blog in a few days.

lego welldressed man with a ticket besides a broken down bicycle

Lonely party

Lonely party

I wanted this picture to show the surroundings, to show everyone there is no-one around (I couldn't zoom out more, because of the surrounding houses).

However I liked the close-up too, so I posted that one below...

broken bicycle

lego man bragging to a drunk in a bar cafe

Bragging in the bar

lego cafe bragging

Darryl is back bragging about how he got hold of an ancient Roman gladiator-helmet. I wonder if he will be more heroic in his story than he was in reality :).

Of course, Foolish Lego is not ALL about darkness; though Dwaas and the Dark Family might have another opinion on this. This scene I wanted to experiment with the lighting equipment from the wonderful Brickstuff in a well lit, relaxed atmosphere.

It is said that the actual lighting-setup in a scene shouldn't be very obvious (at first sight). In my opinion that worked relatively well in this scene.

lego dwaas frankenstein with a rat in the dark

A friend in the shadows

lego lighting rat dark

Now this more I like it! Only minor post-processing necessary, different light-temperatures, conveying different moods, no harsh lighting and not too bright (Dwaas simply has a dark house). This scene is precisely bright enough to see what is going on. Lastly, in my humble opinion, it looks more realistic compared to yesterdays photo.

Special thanks to Brickstuff, they sell great quality lighting equipment!