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August 13, 2020

Foolish Bricks is back!

Hello Everybody! Has it been a year already? Yes it has! 😋 How time flies.

This one year sabbatical of sorts has been put to good use. At least that’s what I think. So what did I tweak and (hopefully) improve?

The comic

Starting today, the Foolish Lego comic returns for its third chapter. As you see I made a few changes. Not only the dimensions have changed, but also many other aspects of the comic. Behind the scene the workflow of the comic changed drastically. And the workflow is closely related to the software I use now (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Draft). In the end I hope to produce a better comic than before, without losing the good aspects of the former two chapters.

For the time being the Comic will update once a week, because of the longer time it takes me to create an episode. If I get faster I hope to return to twice a week, but I’m not expecting that to happen anytime soon, especially because my offline life has grown a lot busier these days too.

The site

I finally added a cast-page for the comic! Furthermore, I moved all my older lego photography to the archives. All images are still here, only les prominent. Most of the upcoming toy photography on his site  will be related to the world of the comic.

The blog

The structure of the blog also changed somewhat to give more focus on tutorials and behind the scenes post to all things related to Lego comics, storytelling and toy photography.

The newsletter

The news brief restarted, bringing the subscribers (at least) monthly updates and occasional news related to Lego Comics in the broadest sense. Once I get more time, I hope to increase the frequency somewhat. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. I promise to not spam you 😊.


When I started this sabbatical, I could never have imagined the world would change THIS much with all the COVID trouble around the world. The state of the world made me realise, even more than before, that we need to enjoy even the littlest things in our life and one thing I enjoy is creating this imaginary world far away from any COVID and all the other problems in our world! Anyway, I am happy to be back, so let’s get this adventure rolling!

And of course, any feedback is appreciated.




brick photography - Monsters in the forest on a rainy night

A rainy forest walk

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