Sooo, Orange gets to Dwaas at the Psychiatrist office (see episode 3-020) after following him. Only now does he realise that the green monster he followed actually WAS Dwaas, and not someone that would lead him to Dwaas.


If any characters in this comic resemble real life people, that is purely coincidental. The characters in the Foolish Bricks Comic are in no way related to anybody in the real world… well… mostly that is.

Text balloons

Some of you were were confused with the broke text balloons in the former episode 3-074. It was intentional though. I do try some artistic stuff and some of it works, and some of it clearly doesn’t. 🙂

The text in the former episode was an exact copy of texts from episode 3-008 (Hence the episode was named “deja-vu”). I only used these shreds of text to establish were on the timeline Orange landed. The text itself was not really important anymore and can be read in context in episode 3-008. Anyway, I’ll try something different next time something like this might come up.


photoshop lego photography enhancement

Photo enhancement

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