“Curiosity is often mistaken as love, since they both have the common elements of interest and passion” ― drishti bablani
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2-015 A personal question

Maybe not as obvious as Dwaas does, but doesn’t everybody wear a mask in life?


Working the garden

It really looks like a cool flower to have. Though, as I already told you all, flowers don’t do that good in my house, but maybe I could put it in the backyard! Everything grows in my backyard, and I don’t need to do that much about it. It’s a shame that ‘everything’ includes weeds too. I do get them out from time to time… but these weeds are FAST!
I used to hate working in the garden, but over the years I’m liking it more and more. It’s kind of relaxing and it’s nice to see the result of a few hours of work (especially if these few hours are done by the gardener haha). We also have a small pond with fish and two rabbits. The weekly cleaning of the rabbit-cage is also something I didn’t imagine liking a few years back. I used to like cleaning the dishes together with my wife, for some reason that always was mandatory quality time. But as the dishwasher came in, that moment was gone. Now the cleaning of the rabbit-cage provides us with the mandatory quality time. I know it sounds a bit strange… but it’s difficult in the case of two very busy agenda’s. We do make time for each other… but the rabbits ALWAYS come through if we can’t find the time some weeks.

Do you recognise having to look for quality time in these busy times or do you feel this is a crazy way to go?

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