“Servants don't know a good master till they have served a worse.” ― Aesop
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2-053 Demolish the house

A pizza place! I think he’s talking about a pizza place!


Being ignored irritates me instantly

If there is one thing that really irritates me instantly, it is to be ignored! I absolutely hate that. Not being given the simple decency of being listened to. You don’t have to agree, but at least listen to what someone has to say. Ignoring someone with a different opinion is the worse you can do. You might miss out on learning something.

I believe it’s a strong sign of weakness or narcissism if someone is not able to even try to listen to someone else. And sadly there are a lot of these people around, the kind that like to listen to themselves and seem to posses little or no ability to look critically to themselves or listen to feedback.

Ah well… sadly they are everywhere around us, close by and far away, but even the ones far away seem to fill the news almost each and every day.

You don’t have to agree, but simply  listen and try and understand each other. Probably too much to ask these days.

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