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2-013 Green is beautiful

Come on! That practically sounds like an open invitation to our favorite green monster.



7.5 weeks into the second comic, episode 13. And yes, I dared publish it! I always wondered about these hotels not having a room or floor 13. Can people really be THAT superstitious? I guess they can, but I’m certainly not one of them. I like black cats, walk underneath ladders, broke mirrors, open umbrella’s inside and plan important things on Friday the 13th.

Then again, thinking about it, I do belief in magical thinking sometimes, fabricating my own personal rituals. For example When I am on call for my work and I need to get to work directly after the working day or at the transition of the dayshift and being on call; it’s going to be a very busy evening/ night. Up until now, that’s always been the case.

Do you have any hardcore strange beliefs or superstitions?

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