“If your brains were dynamite there wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off.” ― Kurt Vonnegut
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Go for it Kemi! No?


About my Pentax cameras

I’ve been looking to get a new camera. Once every so many years I do that.
The obvious question of course is then which one to get. Now, that is quite easy for me. I know there are many, many, MANY camera’s around (did I say many!). Yet, I am very loyal to the brand I’ve always been using (not in the last place because all my lenses are from that brand) and that brand doesn’t have too many choices.

As you might know I’m a Pentax-user. Today I use the K5-IIs and I’m still happy with it. However, last year Pentax brought it’s first full-frame camera on the market. The reviews are excellent (most of the few “cons” that are mentioned are not important to me (like jpg quality, video-possibilities, USB 2.0 and number of photo’s per second (I would’ve liked the autofocus to be better, but I use my eye most of the time anyway)). And the reviews agree on one thing especially and that is the raw-photo quality is very good. And that’s the most important to me. There are tons of other features too, but I’ll have to see what they will bring me over my trusted K5 IIs. I’ve always wondered what full-frame does as opposed to the smaller sensors I am used too, so I hope to get that clear too. I’ve read about it, but I don’t understand. I believe I have to experience it to know what everyone is talking writing about. It also helps that the K1 seems to be relatively affordable AND that the macro lens I use most is also full-frame (yay, that was unexpected 🙂 )

Anyway. I’ll sleep on it and then decide on what to do about this urge..

Are you a ‘quick’ buyer or are you someone who can wait for even weeks before deciding not to buy?

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