“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.” ― Lauren Myracle
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2-082 Ludicrous ideas

Aha! So it turns out he is a good boss after-all. He is forcing her to see herself as the strong woman she is 😉


Macro photography of a spider

I am trying to be more efficient that means that, at the moment, I’m doing the same amount of work I have to do in less time. The spare time I have I am using to do a few other work-related things that I like to do (the “like” part is important here). The other part I am investing in social relations AND in exploring my hobbies… etc…

One thing I always wanted to try is Macro-photography. I have much of the necessary equipment but I always told myself I couldn’t do it. I never understood and still don’t understand how all these people get their insects to sit so still. In the time it takes for me to get my camera and such ready, my potential candidates already ran of a thousand times! That’s one of the reason I like photographing minifigures; at least Lego hasn’t run off yet.  Yesterday however I was sitting in my backyard and saw a little spider, just sitting there in his web…


Spider bushHe just sat there… a long, long time. So I ran in to get my camera, got in close, shot a photo out of my hands. I didn’t even post-process. And I am kinda trilled with the result of my very first -real- macro photograph. That poor little fly… imagine his/ her feeling of horror when that spider came near to him/ her.


Spider eating prey in his webWhat do you think of it? I’d love some feedback on what you may like and what you would suggest to improve upon!

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