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2-047 One more thing

Hmmm, what could Kemi have to say to Dwaas?


Challenges for 2017

One month in to 2017. So how are you all doing? I can’t say this has been an easy month. It’s has been very, very busy and some serious medical problems within the family have arisen. I don’t mind a challenge, but some forces can’t be handled. So, we are facing them and making the best of them. Luckily, things are improving little by little.

On the other hand I have been making daily Lego-photo’s on a daily basis. I just need to invest in relaxation, and Lego toy photography/ storytelling is the way to go for me! Mind you, it’s still no 365-project but I have to admit I’m liking the challenge up until now. I’ve also been experimenting with the lighting a lot this month. I’m understanding the way lighting works a bit better now, and I’m seeing that I was approaching this the wrong way before.

I also build a new set for the next scene. The detailed script is also ready, so I’m going to shoot the scene this upcoming weekend and I’m looking forward to it!

Have a great week!

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