“Friends ask you questions; enemies question you.” ― Criss Jami
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2-164 Serious allegations

Barron seems a busy guy, taking care of the mayors’ business.

Building Lego stages

Today I was thinking; ‘Why don’t I like building the stages for my comic?’ I always thought there were multiple reasons. Reasons like, I don’t like building (MOCs), I don’t have the time to build or I am not good in building stages. Yet, today I found out the real reasons. Most of the Lego bricks I own are in the official builds. That means that if I need to build stages for the comic (or even for the toy photography) I am left with a limited selection of relatively boring Lego bricks. I’d like to tear down the Lego builds I have, yet, I am afraid I can’t bring all the bricks together again should I decide to rebuild the official builds.

That brings me to the second (even more important) reason; I don’t have my Lego decently sorted. It is a mess and I can’t find anything, chances are I am looking for pieces I don’t even have available in the general pile of Lego.

First world problems, I know. But for the sake of Foolish Bricks, I’d better get my business in order. But how…

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