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2-002 Shady science

Hmm… thinking about it, I could have named this scene ‘origins’. I’ve always liked the sound of that word. For some reason – to me – it has promise and premise incorporated.


Young Frankenstein

As long as I have been on the internet my avatar has had some kind of Frankenstein-resemblance, (almost) like the odd-man-out. A large part of my fondness of Frankenstein has its origin in a specific adaptation of Mary Shelley’s book. I saw this movie as a little kid and I thought it was funny and a little scary, but even then I thought it was epic!
I’m talking about the 1974 movie “Young Frankenstein” with the amazing Gene Wilder in the lead role. Working on the first scene of this comic I watched the movie again for the mood and a little inspiration on scenery. I’m quite happy with how these episodes turned out. The black-and-white scenes really breath the atmosphere I was going for. I can’t really describe the atmosphere in itself. I can only advise you to see the movie. A classic that’s still worth your time, highly recommended.
The name Fronkenbrick is inspired by  Gene Wilder’s character in this movie. Dr. Frankenstein (in some kind of denial) calls himself ‘Fronkenstien’ at the beginning of the movie. besides, brick in Dutch is ‘steen’ (and ‘stein’ in German). So originally I wanted to name the character Frankenbrick, and in the end decided on Fronkenbrick.

So, who knew a childhood movie could influence me so much even over thirty years into the future.
Do you have any (childhood) movies that still have some influence on you, your life, your reasoning or even current interests?

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