“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” ― Plato
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2-025 Star Wars dummy

Aha! So the shrink turns out to be kinda okay, can’t fault a Star Wars fan, can’t we! 😉


Star Wars or Star Trek

Star Wars or Star Trek? I like both. Yet I got the most entertainment from Star Trek. I didn’t see much of (the reruns of!) the original series because nobody in my family liked it and we didn’t have anything like a VCR in those days. Later I saw the next generation on the German television (and everybody spoke German), the show was not broadcasted anywhere in English on Dutch television. Even in German I liked it. I still remember how surprised I was to hear the accent of Deanna Troy, and how powerful the original voice of Captain Picard was. I loved the series. Later-on I saw Deep Space 9 and that series really struck home, I got absorbed by that series, fell in love with every character in there, and the (semi-)continuing storylines. I’m still crushed about the fact that there never was a DS9-movie.

Star Wars I liked, but there were only three movies. These days Star Trek is re-imagined in ways I don’t like anymore; too much action, too little in depth character-development. Star Wars is suffering from the same addiction imho, but at least the story keeps you guessing a bit. For now, I have my hopes up for the new Sar Trek series, but I don’t expect too much of it.

Are you a ST or SW-person… or none of the above?

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