“The question is not who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me!”
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2-056 Stop talking!

Yeah… I hope this council speaks up! If they don’t do it now, the mayor will say that he brought it in, it was discussed and they agreed if they dare to talk about this again  in the future.


Politics of the real world

In my professional live I’m a medical doctor. And in my personal life I am not really into politics and municipal rules. I usually only learn about these rules when they concern me and I am not respecting them for some reason. Especially concerning the more obscure rules this is a point of concern.

Even though there is a lot of creative freedom in the comic I do try to make it somewhat realistic. And writing this I realize this is mostly true concerning emotions and reactions to each other. Concerning rules and regulations I just don’t know what I’m doing haha. Furthermore, if a certain regulation is true for the Netherlands, it might not be true for any other country were this comic is read. Let’s just assume this Lego world has its own special set of rules. And, to be honest, I suspect the mayor himself might have a rule or two himself that the rest of this Lego-city is not aware of 😉 .

Here in the Netherlands the council is chosen by the people and the council choses the Mayor, by the way. I’m pretty sure this mayor has been chosen by the people, I can’t imagine the council having chosen him! Can you?

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