"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
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2-005 Stupid green monster

It doesn’t look like Dwaas is getting a serious chance to shine from Dr. Fronkenbrick. Even the very first words he utters are seen as proof that he’s an idiot. If I were the good doctor, I would be flabbergasted that he even spoke at all! I guess Dr. Fronkenbricks ego is too large to handle, everything he does HAS to perfect from the start. If you’d ask me, he’s probably a pretty difficult person to be around.


A ruined moment of triumph

For some unknown reason Dwaas is green… and for even a greater unknown reason, everybody seems to feel that green is a normal color for Dwaas. To me that is kind of strange; was Frankensteins monster green? I mean; if he is fabricated by rejuvenating a dead body, I would think he would be greyish. What if the zombies in the walking dead were all green? I bet everybody would be talking about their unnatural color.
Thinking about that I do understand the surprise of Dr. Fronkenbrick. I’d rather expect Dwaas to be yellow(-ish) or even grey. So why IS he green? I simply don’t know (yet)! Where do you think this green skin could originate from?

Anyway, I feel bad for Dr. Fronkenbrick in some way. His long awaited moment of triumph seems ruined. I suppose everybody knows how THAT feels. Luckily on a large scale I didn’t have this feeling the past couple of years. On a smaller scale many times. In my 365’s for example when I had a photo and I thought it was pretty smart and an absolutely marvelous work of art! Then the people around me (and on the internet) were more like “meh” (?!?). Haha, it gutted me sometimes. Now when I look back at these photo’s I agree with the “meh’s” and see (many) points of improvement! Personal growth I suppose.

Can you remember an instance where your moment of triumph was ruined for some reason? What was it about?

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