1-41 Unexpected visitor
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1-41 Unexpected visitor

About the Comic

We already arrived at episode 41. Who would have thought! I certainly didn’t. Thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying this ride as much as I do! At the end of this year, I think it’s time to look forward. Now the 365 is done, I have a little more time to work on the comic. Story-wise it needs some work and I still have trouble getting the lighting consistent across the  episodes. I play around with the light-temperature, but the differences are still to large.Story wise I’ve introduced a lot of the main characters. But it still has to come together. Bare with me, I’m not a great storyteller, my day-job is a lot more stuffy than that, but I’m learning and hope to get better as I go along with the comic.

this episode

So everybody arrived on Eno, everybody except Strabo of course. Barry is together with Noldor (yes, that’s the gnome’s name, even if he hasn’t been properly introduced yet), Darryl is together with Bagu, Amida of the Sylvae is knocked out and lost one of the objects a lot of people seem to be looking for and Strabo… well, Strabo is still in his antique-shop doing… well… we’ll find out in 2014 I guess. 😉

New years resolutions

The question you hear all the time, this time a year, still it remains an interesting one. Do you have any new years resolutions? I myself am gonna work a little harder on this website, especially the comic, spend yet more time on an important work-project, and keep better track of my finances… There you have it

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