"It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow."
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2-028 Useless therapy

At least Dwaas has a feeling that thís therapy is not going to benefit him that much.


In Valencia

As you are reading this, I’m in Valencia for a few days. A little downtime… I’d like to say well-deserved… well… of course it’s well-deserved 😀

Anyway, the weather forecast isn’t that good. Rain, rain and… oh… a little more rain. Hopefully the forecasts are wrong (as usual). On the other hand, I don’t mind that much. I don’t know the city (except ofr the giant building by Calatrava), but I guess there will be enough to see, outside and indoors. Also I love to see new cities so city-trips never disappoint me, except for one time. I really didn’t like Budapest. I thought it was a boring city, I liked the fishermen’s bastion, but that was about it. The most interesting part of that trip was a giant uprising put down by the military police… Ah well.

What city in the world have you visited and turned out to be a real disappointment (and why)?


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