“Libraries are full of ghosts, books being the most haunted things of all.” ― Maya Panika
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2-059 Whose house is it anyway?

So that explains why people aren’t surprised when there is light in Dwaas’ house.


To vote or not to vote?

Tomorrow it’s the day, we get to vote for a new parlement in the Netherlands. These are turbulent times and I want to do the right thing. Yet, I don’t know how to do it. Voting should be a good thing, and I still think it is, but it all feels so pointless. The system over here is such that the government is always formed by coalition. For this reason you never know what campaign promises will make it. Even if your party gets to govern, they might drop many campaign promises because it’s “necessary to make the coalition work”. And even if it isn’t necessary they usually drop campaign promises A.S.A.P. So voting for the larger parties based on part standpoint seems pointless. Okay, so maybe vote for a smaller party… a one issue party maybe, to get them into parliament, so they can at least discuss issues that are important to me (like internet privacy)… this may be the way to go… but there are so many issues these days that it doesn’t feel right to ignore all that for one exclusive issue.

So I’ll probably go for one of the larger parties… and be disappointed afterwards remaining a disillusioned swing voter again the next time we need to vote again.

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