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January 3, 2021

Happy new year!

I wish everybody the best and especially a healthy 2021. The best we can hope for is that this year will end better than it’ll start. Though I’m happy to see 2020 is over, we’re not out of the woods yet. A large part of 2021 will still be a challenge and things might even get worse before improving.

Anyway, Foolish Bricks will be here and hopefully bring you some escape from reality! thanks for sticking around 🙂


Orange is such an interesting color to me! A double-edged sword. It’s the color of sunrise and also of sunset, A warm sky or a poisonous sky. It combines concepts of something new day but also of something that has been. The color of the working class and also exotic, far away landscapes.

Orange is also the color of the Dutch; the last name of our Royal family. The whole country colors orange on Kings day, but also when there are important international sports events where the Dutch compete. And when the Dutch head out to support out country members in a sporting event; it’s in the form of a giant sea of orange people; “the Dutch army”. The Dutch would love this guy indeed 🙂 .


Lego old antique store storefront

The antique shop

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