The dangers on Eno are as numerous and dangerous as in our world…

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2023 everybody! For Foolish Bricks this is a special year; this year Foolish bricks will celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary!
My only wish in this regard is to create more time to work on this website. One way to achieve this is becoming more efficient. I think a dedicated workplace could help this issue, so I have been working on a dedicated area in the basement. I’ll keep you up to date. One other thing that would help is to become much more efficient in building with Lego… I have no solution for that yet. 🙂

Anyway, work is still extremely busy, but let’s see how far we get…


I hope you caught the reference in the last panel. It’s a shame Musk is killing twitter. I haven’t been active on there much the last few years, but I started my social media presence on twitter and I am concerned for its future.



Darryl’s disappearance

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