So, now Dwaas is hearing a ghostly voice too? Just like the drunk guy at the happy dragon inn…

Social media implosion

People who know me, probably know I am not a fan of social media. It’s simply too much work to adhere to all the social media rules of engagement to get any kind of significant following. I’ve been thinking about stopping with Instagram all together fro some time, but haven’t decided yet.

Anyway… it seems that some social media is cancelleing themselves these days. Twitter is a mess since the Tesla-guy took over, Instagram seems to be in some kind of identity-crisis and photographers are getting the short end of the stick, and Meta has to fire 11 % of their workers.

Maybe I won’t need to quit them…. The way they are doin’ now, they’ll quit themselves.


brick photography - Monsters in the forest on a rainy night

A rainy forest walk

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