Information makes the world go round… Dwaas and Strabo will go looking for information on Dwaas’ father (though Aurantiaco (the orange monster) seems to believe Strabo will bring Dwaas to lord Styso), and Lord Styso will receive good news from his henchman Aurantiaco!


I got feedback that the story was getting a bit too confusing…. and that confirmed what I was feeling myself too. I may have overdone it a little with experiments and too many intrigues. Also, I fall back a lot on information from the first two comics. I don’t want to make mistakes against the total timeline of my comics.

Anyway, I agree and The upcoming episodes I will try to simplify the story, bring some story threads together and solve a few little mysteries that have been ongoing; like: what is the deal with the ranger. 🙂


Brick photography - prisoner tree

Just hangin’

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