Enough bickering for everyone. I they would’ve listened, they would have known who’s in their midst. Funny thing is that Darryl only knows Dwaas with a mask on (in the therapy sessions), and now Dwaas without mask doesn’t recognise Daryl because Darryl is wearing a mask.


This week I did some extra experimenting with the text balloons. Normally, I’m always trying to get the dialogue in such a way that the character on the left in the panel speaks first. However, that isn’t necessary. Especially in panel 4 this week, you can really experience the flow. First Barry speaks, then Strabo, Barry again, Willy, Darryl (and then completely out of the flow Dwaas mumbles a few hurt words).

In other news

Sorry, I missed two weeks. First off, work was very busy. But secondly, I had some work done in my basement (where my studio is). Contractor did a smalle renovation, with a lot of dust, so I had to remove most of my stuff out of the basement and everything that remained was packed in large sheets of plastic. Consequently, I had no room to work. I still have some work to do, but at least I can start shooting comic-episodes again.

Also, I’ll be on vacation to Greece, however, there won’t be an hiatus for the comic the upcoming two weeks! 😀


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