Courtyard meeting

September 6, 2020

Brick photography - meeting in the courtyard

Willy and Amida meet in her forest courtyard, under the watchful eye. of Venator. I am very happy with this image, mainly because of all the characters from the first comic. We haven’t seen Venator for a long time and I really like the way he is included, watching over Amida. At some point in the future, I’ll have to bring you his story… including what happened between him and Strabo, and the origins of Hammie.

Another flash-experiment

What I also like is the colors within this image! I always struggle with producing a colorful, bright image. For some reason my images come out of postproduction being dark. This time around it worked and I suspect it had to do with a new way of lighting via flashes. What I also like is the way the continuous lights came out. I had to drag the shutter after flashing to get the to be seen in the photo. Again, something I will talk about in a future tutorial on flash photography and Lego photography. First i want to get the hang of it myself. I’m working on it! 😊


ToyPhotography - Ranger Skunk Cave

The ranger

Dwaas is working out

Foolish Lego – origins

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