Photo 2 – A “little” help in the kitchen

A "little" help in the kitchen

When I came home yesterday, the house was smelling of some great cooking. I didn’t understand though, because my wife was ‘relaxing’ on her home-trainer. I got into the kitchen and saw who was responsible for my confusion!

How Cool Chef got so big, you say? I have no idea, but I suspect One eyed Willy the wizard has something to do with it.

PS. A little behind the scene’s fact: The place where all the vegetables are in this picture is the place where the very first photo of Cool Chef was taken on day 6 of the 730-project.

PPS. Only now did I notice… the proportions of Lego minifigures are WAAAAAY off! 😉

And don’t forget HERE’s the latest episode of the Foolish Lego webcomic, episode 146!

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