Day 365 – The end

The end

So here it is. The circle is round. We (the ‘cast’ of Foolish Lego) started with a toast and so it will end, and all the main characters of the past year joined in this time (give or take a few).

It was a ride this year. Not always easy I must say. It turned out quiet the challenge to get a photo each and every day! Especially when I was out of the country (the customs-officers looked kinda strange every time I went passed them with a big bag of Lego minifigs). But all in all, looking back it was such a fun year and such a great project to do.

I’d like to thank my love for her enthusiasm and criticism…. and letting me make a mess with Lego… all over our house… all year long… for the sake of Lego-art 🙂  I’d also like to thank my little mouse (my daughter of seven years old already) for all the ideas, incredible fun, interest and playing together with me (in order to get new ideas of course 😉 ) And of course I’d like to thank you all for following this project and all the wonderful comments, suggestions and support (on twitter, e-mail, irl, etc… ).

And now… well, now I’m going to take a (very) small break from the Lego photography. I won’t stop though, so check back here from time to time for new (not daily) photo’s. I won’t take a break from the comic! I will even be putting more time and energy in the comic so there still will be new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday, be sure to follow (Oh and episode 41 has just been published today)

I’m also thinking about how I can improve and maybe expand this site, so any suggestions are welcome!
For now I’d like to wish you all an amazing new year and I hope to see you back here next year. Cheers!

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