Day 34 – Exploring the area for signs of winter

Exploring the area

“Yessss…. after living in the fridge for the summer it looks like this area is ready for winter, ice, the cold and MY REIGN! Whoehahahahahaaaaa”

While most of Europe (and the U.S.) has to deal with a lot of snowy, icy and cold winter-weather, around here (the south of the Netherlands), it’s pretty decent. Sun, a little cold in the morning, sometimes a little rain and the birds are happily whistling in the morning. It feels like spring, and has felt so for the last couple of weeks. Mr. Freeze things it’s going to change… and I hope he’s wrong. I like winter… but the window of opportunity for winter has gone by for me. It’s time for spring, certainly now the days are getting longer again ad I actually get to see a little sunlight during a working-week. It would be cruel to make this spring turn into winter…. then again… nature can be very cruel.

And HERE’s episode 51 of Foolish Lego the web-comic, a brand *new* one!


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