Season 01

Foolish Lego Comic; Season one; an original story about Barry and Darryl who -after finding a mysterious map- are transported to the world of Eno. They get dragged into a centuries old battle between the Dragon God and the evil sorcerer Scondite upon which the survival of Eno depends.

lego brick comic - the dark clouds are moving in on Exiguus and Fellisa

1-253 Breaking down

lego brick comic - Bagu simply walks away

1-255 Maybe not…

lego brick comic - The dark clouds kill Bagu

1-256 Maybe… not…

lego brick comic - Venator asks for the groups' trust

1-257 For old times sake

lego brick comic - The dark clouds are getting closer

1-258 Wait up!

lego brick comic - Venator burns the map and Dominus is losing his life power

1-259 Sorry…

lego brick comic - Amida wants her revenge on Venator, who finds the door to the inner catacombs just in time

1-260 Gateway

The gang move into the inner catacombs of the dragon shrine

1-261 Jump into darkness

lego brick comic - Venator is destroyed by te dark clouds

1-262 Everlasting love

lego brick comic - the group is wondering about what is going on

1-263 Assumptions

lego brick comic - Amida asks Barry about their father

1-264 How’s daddy