Season 01

Foolish Lego Comic; Season one; an original story about Barry and Darryl who -after finding a mysterious map- are transported to the world of Eno. They get dragged into a centuries old battle between the Dragon God and the evil sorcerer Scondite upon which the survival of Eno depends.

lego brick comic - Darryl wakes up behind bars

1-24 Heeeeeeelp!

lego brick comic - one more is necessary to open the portal

1-25 One more thing

lego brick comic - Strabo opens the portal

1-26 Through the portal

lego brick comic - Noldor jumps through the gate, closing it and leaving Strabo behind

1-28 Staying behind

lego brick comic - Darryl find himself imprisoned. And, he is not alone

1-29 Shut up!

lego brick comic - Darryl meets bagu

1-30 Bagu

lego brick comic - darryl and Bagu both have questions

1-31 First things first

lego brick comic - Bagu 'welcomes' Darryl

1-32 Welcome to the Sylvae

lego brick comic - Bagu talks about Amida and believes Darryl is the so-called warden of dragons

1-33 The warden of dragons

lego brick comic - Darryl and Bagu have different expectations of the current situation

1-34 Different expectations

lego brick comic - Amida wants to know from darryl where the Charta sanguis draco is. Bagu sees an opportunity to escape

1-35 Let’s get out