Season 01

Foolish Lego Comic; Season one; an original story about Barry and Darryl who -after finding a mysterious map- are transported to the world of Eno. They get dragged into a centuries old battle between the Dragon God and the evil sorcerer Scondite upon which the survival of Eno depends.

lego brick comic - While Darryl is set against a wall, Bagu takes out Amida and her guards

1-36 Against the wall

lego brick comic - Bagu takes the motum clock from Amida

1-37 He was just about…

lego brick comic - Bagu takes the motum clock from Amida

1-38 The little ‘thingy’

lego brick comic - Barry is moving through the portal, en route to Eno

1-39 Coming through!

lego brick comic - Barry arrives on Eno

1-40 The arrival

lego brick comic - Barry first gets hit by the stone owl, then by Noldor

1-41 Unexpected visitor

lego brick comic - The portal closed so Barry is stuck with Noldor on Eno

1-42 Closure ?

lego brick comic - Barry is confused now that he's on Eno

1-43 That figures!

lego brick comic - Bary realises he needs Noldor to find Darryl

1-44 I did it my way

lego brick comic - Barry meets an Eno bee

1-45 Just ‘bee’lieve me

lego brick comic - Noldor saves Barry from the Eno bee

1-46 ‘Bee’ gone

lego brick comic - Barry and Noldor are getting hungry

1-47 Hungry