Season 02

Foolish Lego Comic; Season two; an original story about a secluded monster (Dwaas) that needs to come to terms with him being different from the rest of the world. In the meantime, his home isn’t safe from the greedy hands of the town-major.

lego brick comic - Dwaas is not amused by Kemi

2-048 How to kill a ghost

lego brick comic - There is someone knocking on Dwaas' door

2-049 Someone at the door

lego brick comic - We meet the mayor

2-050 Meet the mayor

lego brick comic - the city council meets

2-051 City council meeting

lego brick comic - The mayor dislikes an old abandoned house within the city borders

2-052 Old, abandoned house

lego brick comic - the mayor wants the house demolished

2-053 Demolish the house

lego brick comic - Guessing the mayors' plans

2-054 Guess again!

lego brick comic - the mayors' plan for a new house

2-055 V.I.P. house

lego brick comic - the mayor does not tolerate others when he is speaking

2-056 Stop talking!