Season 02

Foolish Lego Comic; Season two; an original story about a secluded monster (Dwaas) that needs to come to terms with him being different from the rest of the world. In the meantime, his home isn’t safe from the greedy hands of the town-major.

lego brick comic - Dwaas finds the deed to the house

2-096 Deed to the house

lego brick comic - Dwaas feels the deed is worthless

2-097 Worthless deed

lego brick comic - Kemi believes there is more at stake than the house alone

2-098 Higher stakes

lego brick comic - Kemi finds an interesting notebook for Dwaas to read

2-099 An interesting read

lego brick comic - Dwaas and Dawn meet for their date

2-102 Stunning looks

lego brick comic - Dawn wonders why Dwaas looks so shabby

2-103 Monster drugs

lego brick comic - everybody loves Dawn

2-104 Femme fatale

lego brick comic - Dawn wants to know who is behind Dwaas' mask

2-105 Who is behind the mask

lego brick comic - Dwaas refuses to take of his mask

2-106 Kind refusal

lego brick comic - Dawn unmasks Dwaas

2-107 Unmasking