Lego comic panel recreation – My world

March 11, 2019

This behind the scenes post is on the recreation of ‘my world’. Strabo brings Barry to the entrance of Eno, located in the secret basement of the antique-store.

My world – the original panel

Figure 1 below shows the original panel from episode fourteen of the first Foolish Lego Comic.

lego photography my-world- behind-the-scenes
Figure 1; the original “My World”

The original image – positives

The focus is on the globe… the new world, everything else is out of focus and so secondary. With that in mind this image does what it had to do; introduce another world!

The original image – Room for improvement

Of course, again the photo suffers from the lack of proper lighting, it really falls flat in that department. There are also a few elements, like the dragon and owl in the image. The dragon is ok, but did not really work in the rest of the panels. The owl however, was a bit strange. An owl has nothing to do with Eno, the whole story is about the Godlike dragon. To my defence, I did not know that yet at that time ;).
Furthermore, this was the first of the larger stages; in this image it doesn’t show and that should not be a problem, there were other panels following. What is a problem though, is the fact that I wanted to convey the feeling this was a secret cave with the portal embedded in it. This stage looked more like a basement, with a cave-ish wall.

My world – the recreation

Figure 2 below shows the remake of this panel.

lego photo- alternative world recreation
Figure 2; The recreation of “My World”

The stage

I rebuild the stage with the idea this originally was a cave. The size of the set is even a little larger than the original now. I tried to make the MOC a little more interesting and less square. Look for example at the completely self-build door. Figure 3 shows a behind the scenes build with another globe (at that point I could not find the actual globe 😛 ). Also, there is still an owl, later replaced with a Dragon-statue because that fits the story much better.

Figure 3; Behind the scenes of the recreated my world stage.

You can compare the new stage to the old one as seen in figure 4.

Lego comic stage
Figure 4; the original “my world” stage


I went for a long shot, showing the cave-like room. I wanted this image to be a bit more impressive, more in line with the impact of finding a “new world” on Barry. The globe is less present, but still in there.

Color and mood

Bright lights on the second floor, and the closer you get to the portal, the more red and dark the scene becomes, signifying the growing uncertainty of the situation for Barry getting closer and closer to a new world.

Before and after

Below are the before and after images joined in one image. You can use the slider to show the one or the other.

lego photography my-world- behind-the-scenes lego photo- alternative world recreation


lego photo- alternative world recreation

My world!

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