Toy photography 2018

Year six of Lego toy photography slowly expanding the world of Foolish Bricks. And again bring Dwaas’ imaginary fantasy world into my real world; or was it the other way around?

Lego photography - nature photography gone wrong snake

Nature photography gone wrong

Lego photo - nature Frankenstein light mushroom

Eye of the beholder

Lego photo - business trip plane flight

Out of office

Lego photography - midnight snack dark house

Midnight Snack

Lego photography - elderly couple happy sunset

Good old times

Lego photography - medieval library

The discovery

lego photography - medieval guard scared by owl patrol

Startled guard

Lego photography - Lonely elderly rain

Lonely old man

Lego Prison dark sleep hope


Lego photography - Museum of Modern Art

Lego Museum of Modern Art