Toy photography 2018

Year six of Lego toy photography slowly expanding the world of Foolish Bricks. And again bring Dwaas’ imaginary fantasy world into my real world; or was it the other way around?

LEgo photography - an unexpected shark

Shark fishing

Lego photography - Grumpy clown

Grumpy clown

Lego photography - Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

Lego photography - Lazy Sunday morning, coffee, books and a cat

Lazy Sunday morning

Lego man eating chicken in front of a tent at night, when suddenly a bear shows up.

Bearish evening snack

Lego woman is sad because her balloon(-animal) flies of

Into the sky

A lego person with an axe chopping wood

The happy lumberjack

A traveler is lost in a dark castle

Lost in a Dark place

lego fan verstappen formula1

The Formula 1 fan