Photo 5 – On location in Bavaria, Germany; The worst skier

The worst skier

Turns out that Lego-Dwaas is not much of a skier. You could say he tried… but after every try he returned home cold and wet. I guess He’ll have to practice… and practice… and practice.

On an unrelated note; I was happy to see him return after the New Years party had gotten a little out of hand! 😀

I myself am not a great skier. I know how to do it and I enjoy myself on the blue and some of the red pistes. I started late in life, so I miss a lot of experience. The experience Dwaas has here is not very unfamiliar to me I have to admit. But still, I do like it. Nothing to worry about except for not breaking anything. It kinda frees your mind in that way 😉

Do you like to ski? And why (not)?

Foolish Bricks
Storytelling using Lego photography.


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