Day 24 – Sad to the bone

Sad to the bone

Boney had felt sadness for most off his life. But now that he found one of his GIANT ancestors, Boney  felt happy again, especcialy when he held his ancestor  in his arms. 😉

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solution day 23

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I promised you the solution to yesterday’s question when I suddenly noticed a strange shadow in my photo. It was caused by a bird on a lantern pole whilst holding a bone in his mouth… My little girl did this an d she thought it was sooooo funny LOL. It certainly triggers a spark of imagination with me, but I just forgot to remove it before making the photo. 🙂


And finally, if you like to see a brand *new* episode of Foolish Lego the web-comic; HERE  it is. Number 48![/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]