Synopsis – Season 3

April 11, 2023
Original: April 11, 2023
Latest: April 11, 2023 (until episode 103)

The text following the photo contains spoilers for all seasons of the Foolish Bricks Comic.

Lego happy Dragon Inn

Synopsis – Season 3

On ENO there is an evil lord – Lord Styso – who wants to create an army of the undead. With this army he wants to conquer ENO. He’s ordered a necromancer – named Fronkenbrick – to create this army for him. However, Fronkenbrick tells lord Styso he needs Dwaas, because Dwaas (being brought back from the dead by Fronkenbrick himself (episode 2-4) is the key to the creation of this undead army (episode 3-87). Lord Styso sends out Aurantiaco (the orange monster), to find Dwaas (episode 3-28).

As it turns out, Dwaas is on Brickearth. As we know from the first season Brickearth and ENO are two separate worlds connected through several portals. These portals are powered by ‘the source’ on ENO (episode 3-87). One of the portals is in the back of an antiqueshop on Brickearth (episode 1-26) A shop owned by a Strabo ( a so-called Delflock (episode 1-169))

The Ranger found out about lord Styso’s plans (episode 3-83). To prevent Styso from finding Dwaas on Brickearth he sabotaged ‘the source’ (episode 3-87) thus shutting down the portals and preventing Styso from getting Dwaas on Brickearth (episode 3-87). However, doing this all he was mortally wounded.

Still there is one other way to travel from ENO to Brickearth and back. You can use the motum-clock (episode 1-194). This motum-clock played an important role in season 1 from the comic (episode 1-98). In the end it was given to Barry (episode 1-281). Barry lives on ENO now, and runs an inn (episode 3-50). He uses the motum-clock to visit his father on Brickearth from time to time (episode 3-86).

Darryl was in therapy (episode 2-24) after all that happened to him. There he was told to make changes to his life, so he went to live on ENO too (episode 3-84).

Wandering around on ENO Darryl found the mortally wounded Ranger (episode 3-82). The ranger told him about the plans of Lord Styso and told him to try and stop him by keeping Dwaas away from Styso. He also told Darryl that Lord Styso is accompanied by a mind-controlling witch (Hexina (episode 3-57)) who could control anyone (episode 3-83). So Ranger told Darryl no-one was to be trusted. Darryl then took on the disguise of the ranger and took along his trusted compagnion Putor (the skunk) (episode 3-82/ episode 3-83).

Meanwhile, on Brickearth, Dwaas was looking for his father/ creator Fronkenbrick (episode 3-7) who disappeared at the beginning of season 2 (episode 2-31). After the events from season 2, Dwaas found Fronkenbricks’ notebook (episode 3-7). In this notebook were notes about ENO and Strabo (episode 3-7). Dwaas confronts Strabo (episode 3-6/ 3-7) and Strabo agrees to take him to ENO and help him find his father (episode 3-8). However his portal is down (episode 3-46).

Meanwhile back on ENO Darryl went to his old buddy Barry and told him the truth (episode 3-83). He wants to destroy the motum-clock to keep Dwaas out of reach from Styso (episode 3-87). Yet, Hexina told Aurantiaco about the motum-clock (the watch) (episode 3-58) and Aurantiaco steals the clock from Barry (with the help of a bard, Kantor (episode 3-71/ episode 3-72)) and transports to Brickearth (episode 3-73).

On Brickearth Aurantiaco finds Strabo and gives him a potion of mind-control (given to Aurantiaco by Hexina) (episode 3-80). Yet, he doesn’t know that Strabo (being a Delflock) can’t be mind-controlled (episode 3-81). Aurantiaco knows how strong Dwaas is (from their encounter at the psychiatrics-office (episode 3-21)) and orders Strabo to transport Dwaas (and himself) to ENO and bring Dwaas to lord Styso (episode 3-81). Strabo plays along and transports them all too ENO (episode 3-46).

Once on ENO Aurantiaco ‘escapes’ (episode 3-77/ episode 3-78) and -under the impression that the mind-control potion worked on Strabo – tells lord Styso that Strabo will take Dwaas to him (episode 3-80).

Strabo however, keeps his word and wants to help Dwaas find his father. They go To Barry (who he knows from the adventures in season 1)) at the inn to see if they can find out more (episode 3-79).

Meanwhile at the inn, Willy has arrived. Willy doesn’t trust ranger/ Darryl and vice versa. Then Dwaas walks in with Strabo (episode 3-87). Darryl is horrified of course because Dwaas is on ENO. Strabo, who can’t be mindcontrolled being a Delflock (episode 3-88), determines Willy is simply Willy (episode 3-89) and ranger/ Darryl tells all he knows (except the fact that he is Darryl) (episode 3-89). Based on this information Willy heart rumours about Styso having a necromancer in his service named Fronkenbrick (episode 3-90). Of course Dwaas recognises that name as being from his father and sets of to go to Lord Styso and finally find his father (episode 3-90).

Strabo joins Dwaas (because he promised to help) (episode 3-92) and Ranger/ Darryl joins them (episode 3-92) both (because in the end he wants to prevent Dwaas and Fronkenbrick from getting together so Fronkenbrick can create the army of the undead. Willy doesn’t join them, because he has “more important business to attent to” (episode 3-93) and Barry stays behind because his adventuring days are over (episode 3-91).

Once on the road to Styso’s lair we learn that Dwaas hears a mysterious unknown voice (episode 3-94)

We also learn that Fronkenbrick himself is (partially) mindcontrolled by Hexina and is a bit insane (episode 3-97). Aurantiaco – also wondering why Fronkenbrick always stares at him (episode 3-97) – tries to talk to Fronkenbrick to no avail (episode 3-100).

To be continued…