Day 32 – Teddy


“Hey dad, I’m taking Teddy to bed, bye!” “Hm hm, yes son, of course you can take your stuffed bear to bed. Good night.”

The original idea for this photo was a little different. My (or better said, my wife’s) idea was that junior took a real bear to bed, in stead of his stuffed bear, and that the parents would be very scared. After I finished the photo, it could still be that he’s taking a real bear to bed, but (to me at least) it has a little ‘calvin-and-hobbes-feel’ to it… maybe the bear really IS his Teddy and he sees his differently than his parents do. In this little scene his father doesn’t see the bear after all, so both scenario’s are possible. Have you folks ever read Calvin and Hobbs?  If you haven’t, just go and get that comic now, you won’t be disappointed, it’s the best comic ever (in its genre)!

So what do you like to think; is the bear real…. or isn’t it? 🙂

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