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March 15, 2013
Original: March 15, 2013
Latest: February 05, 2022

Foolishbricks.com is my little corner on the world wide web where I try to make my fantasy come alive. During most of my days (and usually evenings, and some nights) I work as a medical specialist in Maastricht. In my spare time, I enjoy being a storyteller through Lego-photography.


Ever since I was a kid, storytelling in many forms (like comics, books and movies) attracted me immensely. And like many kids, I loved playing with Lego bricks, bringing my stories to life, mostly together with my brothers. Even back then, I had the ambition to be a comic-creator, but as it turned out; I couldn’t draw even if my life depended on it.

Then I grew older. Fantasyworlds got lost, reality kicked in.

Lego photography

Until one day, I discovered the site of Dan of Action, who was doing a 365-project shooting daily Lego-photos. At that moment, I realized; I don’t need to draw to create comics! A plan was born.
However, first I had to learn how to take a decent photo. Until then, I only took photos in full automatic mode and had no idea what all these other buttons and switches on a photo-camera could do.
I founded this website – together with Dwaas (my online alter(L)ego)) way back in 2013. At first, to learn myself Lego-photography through a 730-project. During these two years, I created a daily Lego brick photo. Wherever I traveled, I brought my Lego minifigures and bricks with me to capture that Lego shot each and every day. From the beaches of Miami, to the mountains of Nepal, to the shores of Turkey and Greece, the city of New York (but mostly at home), my Lego minifigures and cameras were always with me.

Lego Comic

When I finally got the hang of the basics, I longed to learn about telling longer stories. So, on August 13th 2013 I started the Foolish Bricks Comic. At this moment, we are well into season 3 of the comic.


The next step is me trying to teach what I learned over the years about storytelling through Lego photography, whilst still continuously learning myself. If you’d like to read more about how this site came to be, you can find more information in the blog post: “origins”.

I do not know what the future will bring. However, I hope to continue with Foolish Bricks for a long, long time. And it would be less fun without you all. So, thank you for visiting Foolish Bricks!



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