lego dwaas frankenstein shadows rat flash

A friend in the light...

lego dwaas frankenstein shadows rat flash... a foe in the shadows.

I'm not very happy with this one. As you know by now I'm trying to improve my studio lighting. I was looking for a quiet and kinda realistic scene with Dwaas and a rat in his house he seems to have befriended. This photo is far too harsh and overlighted for this purpose.

It turned out to be nearly impossible to achieve this with the range of lights I currently possess. To overcome this, I ordered extra lighting material from a wonderful company called Brickstuff! I'm hopeful their products will give me the possibilities to finally light my scene's anyway I like.

After I shot this photo my order arrived! I experimented a bit and I am quite happy with the result. I'll post (sort of) the same scene tomorrow, but then lighted with the help of Brickstuff.

lego woman with a baby in her arms

And then there were two...

lego woman with a baby in her arms

My daughter has a little brother, and she already fell in (sisterly) love with him :D