“Sometimes it’s like watching a wasp land on a stinging nettle: someone’s going to get stung and you don’t care.” ― Terry Pratchett, Night Watch
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2-009 Dendrocnide Moroides

Or Dwaas has a really twisted sense of humor, or Dwaas really loves to be in pain, or Dwaas can’t feel pain. Knowing that he is resurrected body… all three could be true.


Dendrocnide Moroides

As a kid I played outside with my brothers a lot. I used to get stung by the stinging nettle once in a while. It hurt! I found it very painful; on the scale of 1 to 10 I always felt the painscore to be 100.000, and the whole neighborhood had to know how I felt haha. I hated it when that happened. Nevertheless it was a lot better than being stung by wasps! I still hate those beasts, bhah!

Still all these pains are nothing compared to the pain a dendrocnide moroides can give you. As I understand that plants sting can cause people to commit suicide just to be free of the pain. Another term for this plant is the Gympie Gympie. Luckily these plants are nowhere to be found around here. The people of Australia are the lucky inhabitants of a continent where these plants grow. The australians have all these deadly things in their country; and still they seem to be so relaxed. How do they do it.

Do you remember being punished with pain by nature (as a kid?) ?

By the way,

This upcoming Tuesday I won’t be uploading a new episode. I’m in Prague on business next week and probably won’t have the time to upload. On Saturday the normal schedule will be resumed. Thanks for your patience.


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