"It is because we are all imposters that we endure each other" - Emile M. Cioran
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2-071 Fairly new book

Looks like Kemi can do voices too. He’s a ghost of all trades.


Who is alive, and who is not?

What is Dwaas? He was created and not born. So; is he alive? Does he have rights?
I never gave it a thought until yesterday. Yesterday my wife and I started watching a new series (new to us 😉 ); ‘WestWorld’. There are still many mysteries to uncover, and it seems like more are added each episode. Yet, the most interesting question has not been asked yet, but is implied; what is a living being? Should these androids have some kind of rights? (We’re currently watching episode three, so no spoilers please.) I still remember one or two episodes from Star Trek the Next Generation were Data was in court and the key question was if he had the same rights as ‘other’ living beings (I won’t spoil, it’s a good episode).

So, now I’m thinking. Is Dwaas right to be so  scared? He is created, so is he anything different from an android? Does he have rights?

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