“Supposing is good, but finding out is better.” ― Mark Twain
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2-067 Homeless ghosts

I wonder why he’s still wearing those shades!



I am an avid wearer of shades. Outside that is! I’m not one of those people that wear shades inside, because that’s “cool”. However, I do wear shades in winter too (sometimes). Most people I know wear them because they feel the sun (or some other light) is too intense. But I also have trouble when it’s cloudy and the clouds are very white (and that happens often here). It hurts my eyes… or I need to squeeze my eyes for a long time. An advantage -too me- is that people can’t see my eyes, so I can bluntly check everyone around me haha. On the other hand, when people are directly talking to me, I hate (to wear) shades.

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