Toy photography 2017

The fifth year of Lego toy photography. Again the world of Foolish Bricks kept expanding, introducing, amongst others, characters like the unimpressed art-critic.

halloween teddybear in the woods with knife

Happy Halloween!

Lego Kemi and Dwaas

About a monstrous life

Two fishermen are fishing wile the birds see food.

Foolish fisherman

A business-man fel asleep in the woods, next to his laptop.

Remnants of summer

Lego king kong climbing the empire state building in new york

King Kong

Lego cook brings shark suit guy to sushi chef

Fresh Sushi!

Two lego guys cruising in motorcycle with sidepod

Relaxing journey

lego Dwaas peeping through window into floweshop

What dreams may come…

woman in tiger suit on carousel with tiger

Merry-go-round love