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2-145 Talking about trouble

Dawn really needs to clean the windows of her shop!



There are many things to keep in mind when creating a Brick Comic. Using Lego bricks to bring a comic to live brings an extra issue aside from script, photography and those sorts of artistic things. This time I’m talking about trademarks!

Lego has a few rules that can be found in a Legal Notice/ Fair Play document. I thought I covered everything like not using the trademark Logo, having a disclaimer on the site, (mostly) using the word ‘Lego’ as an adjective and not as a noun, etc.

Suddenly I noticed this line: “The LEGO Trademark cannot be used in an Internet Address”! This one slipped right past me. Noticing all the major websites in the AFOL-community using the word: ‘brick’ in stead of ‘Lego’, I assumed that was an AFOL-thing. Yet, I (naively) never realised this was something The Lego company really wants.

On a few occasions I had pleasant interactions with employés of The Lego Company, yet, they never mentioned my name as posing a problem. Yet, I do want to follow the rules on this too. This means I will rebrand “Foolish Lego”  to “Foolish Bricks” as soon as possible. This will not happen right away because there are a few obstacles to overcome, like how to deal with redirects and such. Besides, I will use this opportunity to substantially improve the site in ‘looks’ and mechanics. Of course the content of the side won’t change. If any, it’ll only get better; the comic will go on, the photography will go on and I will further upgrade the blog.

Once the new site is ready -I’m hoping well before summer- ‘foolishbricks.com‘ will be the site to be.

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