Season 01

Foolish Lego Comic; Season one; an original story about Barry and Darryl who -after finding a mysterious map- are transported to the world of Eno. They get dragged into a centuries old battle between the Dragon God and the evil sorcerer Scondite upon which the survival of Eno depends.

comic announcement


lego brick comic - We meet Barry, his friend Darryl and a strange woman

1-1 Simple and sweet

lego brick comic - the woman steals Barry's map, runs of and disappears into thin air

1-2 Thief!

lego brick comic - Barry tells Darryl about the stolen map over a drink

1-3 Need a drink

lego brick comic - Barry and Darryl go to an antique shop to find out a bit ore about the dragon map

1-4 Could be an adventure

lego brick comic - more people are looking for dragon maps

1-5 Not the only one

lego brick comic - in the shop Barry tries to get some information while Darryl is playing with a helmet

1-6 Die emperor die

lego brick comic - In the back the thief woman appears again... who again disappears and Darryl has a problem

1-7 Her again

lego brick comic - Darryl is gone

1-8 Gone

lego brick comic - the shopkeeper seems to know more about Darryl's disappearance

1-9 Let’s go!

lego brick comic - Strabo the shopkeeper tells Barry to follow him if he wants to find Darryl back

1-10 Just follow

lego brick comic - Darryl wakes up sees the thief woman, who knocks him out again

1-11 Heaven