Season 03

Foolish Lego Comic; Season three; An original story about an evil lord seeking world domination, a few heroes seeking to stop him and Dwaas… a monster wanting to reunite with his long-lost father.

Lego comic - into the woods

3-001 Into the woods

Brick comic - Fly or cry

3-002 Fly or Cry

Brick comic - hideous revelations

3-004 Hideous revelations

Lego comic - bazaar of the bizarre

3-005 Bazaar of the bizarre

Brick comic - the long shot

3-006 The long shot

Lego comic - Distant bells

3-007 Distant bells

Brick comic - Right with you

3-008 Right with you!

Lego comic - Piece of leg

3-009 Piece of leg

Brick comic - No idiots suckers

3-010 Suckers!

Brick Comic - Looking back

3-011 Looking back