New beginnings

February 3, 2016


Welcome everyone!

New website, new section. A blog. All around me I hear that personal blogs are quickly becoming a thing of the past so naturally I have to try this, now that it’s too late.

What will the blog be about? I don’t know exactly yet. Mostly about art, photography, behind the scenes, Lego, or just random Foolish thoughts. If you have anything you’d like to know about, just let me know.


Once every one or two years I change the site around a little, just to keep it interesting. The last change I wasn’t too happy with to be honest, it was much too dark and the homepage was a little too gloomy. The problem was I tweaked the base-theme too much. In fact I tweaked it so much that it turned out to be impossible to just update the theme without breaking the site. It was even difficult to change the littlest thing… and so the look of Foolish Lego became a thorn in my eye.

This time around I tried to do thing differently, I stayed within the theme and I developed the site offline with the help off a program called: “MAMP”. That worked like a charm! After working on it for a few weeks (every day a little), it’s ready to be uploaded.

I’m only worried about a few things:
– What will you guys think about the changes (not so much a worry, just wondering)?
– Will my database update all the links correctly?- How will the site behave on mobile devices (especially the frontpage-header)?
– How much problems will there be the first few weeks.

If you find any problems, or if you have any suggestions to improve the site, let me know. It should be much easier to change the site without doing a mayor overhaul this time around!

Let me know, what you like and, sometimes even more important, dislike.




Lego photography - bard squirrel woods

Kantor the Bard

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