Dwaas, a great example of an undead creature…

Another year, another idea

Well… I always have ideas, but never create the time to execute them. I struggle to keep the main comic going, but at the very least, I enjoy creating and shooting it!
I always try to become more efficient so I use the time better. One way to do that is by improving my workspace. Last month I started upgrading my basement studio. Earlier last year, I upgraded storage and shelves etc… and now I upgraded my photo studio-part with better materials; better background monitor and – this will help my back 🙂 – a sit-stand-desk to shoot on. With the touch of a button I can increase or lower the hight of my desk, so I can work with constantly bending over. The desk also has enough space to work cleanly, that helps a lot too!

Next up is the creation of a dedicated working-area for post-production. It’s getting there… but will probably take a month or so more because I need to get a leakage in that area sorted out!

If that is all done, I can start to implement new ideas… let’s see where 2023 will bring Foolish Bricks!


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